Marie Curie Fellowship: Qualitative Indicators

The research project ‘qualitative indicators of poverty reduction’ was an EU funded Marie Curies Post-Doctoral Fellowship from 2012 to 2014 hosted at the University of Potsdam. Fellow Dr Fabian Frenzel conducted fieldwork in three global slum tourism destinations, aiming at the identification of shared patterns of slum tourism effectiveness in poverty alleviation in non monetary terms.

Qualitative Indicators in the case of slum tourism pertain to changes in discourses and perceptions of specific slums among tourists, local elites and slum dwellers. These may help to address qualitative aspects of poverty, in particular territorial stigma, shame, and political marginalisation resulting from invisibility.

Dr Fabian Frenzel has shared his research results in presentations, workshops and publications.

More information on the project webpage.

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