Future ideas for slumtourism.net

Slumtourism.net is slowly growing as a network for people that deal with tourism in the slums. This is great as it increasingly will have the potential to grow into a real resource for those wanting to know more about slum tourism. The recent increase in interest from both academics, practitioners and journalists alike would suggest that there is a need for such a resource. To ensure that the slumtourism.net network can fulfil this role, we are currently rethinking the way this website will work in order to make it more useful, and interactive. Some ideas we are thinking of introducing in the coming months are :

  • A database of articles, papers and other information regarding slum tourism
  • Reflections on academic articles and slum tourism conferences, starting with Destination Slum this December
  • Notes from the field: Articles by invited authors
  • The possibility for members of slumtourism.net to write articles regarding their findings -> Update: It is now possible to add your own posts/opinion pieces on Slumtourism.net To do so, go to the top bar and select ‘My Blogs’ – then ‘Slumtourism.net’¬† – and finally¬† ‘New Post’. Members should now be able to write their own articles (all articles are subject to review by the webmaster to prevent spam).

If all is well, you will see these changes slowly take place over the next few months. There is always room for other and better ideas however, so if you have other ideas or would like to get more actively involved in the slumtourism network, feel free to contact us at ko@slumtourism.net.

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