Slum Tourism on the internet December 2010

News stories and opinion articles on Slum tourism in December

Murder is killing business in Gugs – The murder of British tourist Shrien Dewani is ‘killing business’ in Gugulethu township in South Africa

Rio Sweeps Slums Ahead Of Tourism Rush – Article about the military raids in the Rocinha Favela in Rio de Janeiro. The author makes the case that these raids are done in order for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

On a more positive note, a South African Wine Company chose Gugulethu as the place to launch their new wine label. The article reads to me a bit as an advertisement but it is interesting that a company would chose the townships for such launches.

An extensive personal account looking at benefits and disadvantages of slum tourism can be found at

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Rio Sweeps Slums Ahead Of Tourism RushR

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